Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

Thank you for following me as I embark out into the large ocean.  

My background:
I am a recent college graduate of Central Michigan.  At this phase in my life, I feel I am a "lil fish"  because I am currently unemployed, have just moved back home to live with my parents while I work on attaining my first job.  I am working on finding the right job in the "big ocean," or what we call the incredibly scary job market.  I am working on finding a job in the fields of marketing or advertising.

Today, I was applied for a couple of internships!  I hope they read my application and find me qualified enough to give me a second look and/or interview!  Fingers Crossed! 

I am also currently and anxiously awaiting results.  During the past year, I was involved in club the American Advertising Federation at school.  AAF Central is an on-campus chapter of the American Advertising Federation, where members gain hands on experience by participating in the National Student Advertising Competition. They also provide the opportunity to learn from and network with professionals through guest speakers and professional development opportunities both on and off campus.  We worked on a fully integrated advertising campaign for a national retailer.  We competed back in April at Districts against 22 other universities in the Mid-west.  We placed 2nd!  We now have a chance to be a wild card candidate for nationals in June, which will be held in San Diego.  


~ Lil Fish

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