Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy News!

I dislike/love when you have been applying for jobs and you hear the sound that of  message that you just received an email on your iPod.  I dislike the sound when it is one of those pointless emails, such as the retailers that send you emails a couple times a day about promotions and deals they are currently offer.  I love when it is an important email that has meaning to your life.

Today, I received one of those wonderful little emails!  A couple of days ago, I applied for a position and this morning, I checked my email after hearing that sound of a new message on my iPod, and it says, "I received your resume and cover letter today.  We do have an entry level sales position open at this time.  If you are interested please call as soon as possible to discuss setting up an interview."

YAY!!  So I text my parents and let them know of this wonderful occasion.  My father asks if I called yet.  My response was, well I don't necessarily want to seem too desperate, so I will call them within an hour or so.  My dad responds, "good idea."
So, I call and they don't answer.  My heart starts beating really fast.  I have to leave a message.  I think to myself, Oh no!  I sound dumb when it comes to leaving messages because usually I get frazzled and just start rambling.  I leave a nice message and think to myself, there is nothing else I can do.  A couple of hours pass, and I receive that important call.  I discuss my qualifications and a brief life story about why I will do great in this job, and I get asked if I would like to schedule an interview!  Of course I say yes!  

I HAVE AN INTERVIEW NEXT WEEK!!!  YAY!  Now I have a lot of homework to do this weekend and at the beginning of next week.  

This Lil fish is now really swimming in this big ocean, or what we call the real world, or job market!

Until next time,
Lil Fish :)

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